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Read this entire page because this offer will help you achieve deep forgiveness (a powerful form of Letting Go).

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What is the ONE thing that will transform EVERYTHING?

Learn how to forgive--at a deep Soul level--and stop struggling with the very things you want to let go of.

Mastering the art of forgiveness is one of the most effective practices you can do right now to stop carrying around the very things you want to let go of.

Deep Forgiveness will transform you at a subconscious level as you experience healing meditations and expand into enlightened consciousness.

deep-forgiveness-lotusForgiveness As A Doorway to Divinity

There is an important difference between being forgiving of what someone has done and living in a state of forgiveness.

Both are important, but the state of forgiveness is a continuous, always present, unconditional spaciousness in your heart that opens the doorway to the Divinity within you.

We’ve all experienced pain. We’ve all experienced resentment. We’ve all experienced judgment, conflict and even feelings of hatred.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning, and it definitely doesn’t mean you become a doormat. It means you recognize you are responsible only for yourself and not anyone else.

It is a complete letting go.

During this program you will be guided through profoundly clearing and healing forgiveness meditations including:

  • Deep Self-Forgiveness
  • Forgiving, Releasing & Letting Go of Others,
  • The Forgiveness Pathway to Healing,
  • The Forgiveness Journey to the Soul.

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