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I am so proud of you for following the deep calling in your soul and embarking on an incredible journey inward.

This choice puts you in a very select group of individuals who are committed to extraordinary personal transformation.

I’m confident that this decision will lead to profound and lasting improvements in all areas of your life.

But, for those seeking even higher states of consciousness & more powerful awakenings that will literally shatter all your expectations…

It's Time to Take A Journey To Your Soul

The soul, or Higher Self or True Self, is the spark of the divine that lives within us. It is what we find reflected in the sublime qualities of the sages and saints throughout history.

It is proof that you are more than simple flesh and thought.

And whether you realize it or not, your soul is always trying to lead you closer to your true home: your divine nature.

In Soul Solution Journeys, we will work together to intensify your connection with your soul’s presence and its healing light within you.

We will continue and deepen our practice from the Secret of Letting Go of and dive even deeper into clearing the core issues that keep you separated from God and your divine nature.

When you heal this bond, you will experience inexpressible truth, beauty, love, and harmony unlike any other.

This ONLINE PROGRAM includes 9 discussions, 8 guided meditations and 3 programs of Soul Affirmations. You will learn:

  • How to Connect with the Soul – Your Doorway to Divinity
  • The Nature of the True Self & False Self
  • Your True Mission in Life
  • How to Be Mindful all the Time
  • How to Activate Transformations with the Soul
  • Why Self-Discovery is Soul-Discovery and Self-Realization
  • The Experience of Merging with The Soul’s Deep Love
  • How to Attain Higher Realms of Consciousness
  • How to Deepen the Soul’s Presence into Everyday Life


Your soul is always leading you ever closer to your true home and the discovery of the light of divine consciousness within you. Take the next step now and commit to replacing your ego as the primary operating system, with the beauty, grace and love of your Soul.

... just for the record your Soul Solutions Journey meditation course is so ridiculously good-profound-life changing I can't thank you enough for creating it.

Julie T.
San Francisco

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